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The Daily Pennsylvanian


The Daily Pennsylvanian

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Fall 2014- Spring 2017
Software: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

The Daily Pennsylvanian is the University of Pennsylvania's independent student media organization, covering news and sports from Penn and from around the Philadelphia metro area. As the online graphics editor, I designed interactive/static graphics and led long term projects for the publication’s website. As the news design editor, I created daily layouts and graphics for the print issues as well as managed and trained a team of six staffers. Awarded Associated Collegiate Press’s 2016 Design of the Year for Newspaper Page One.

2014-2015: News Design Editor // 2015-2016: Online Graphics Editor


Online Graphics


As the Online Graphics Editor, I worked with the creative director to initiate and implement a full redesign of the DP website. This new website is easier to navigate, more functional, and visually cleaner.



With data provided by Penn Student Registration & Financial Services (SRFS) and other resources, The Daily Pennsylvanian Online Graphics Department took a deeper look into financial aid at Penn. These comparisons, infographics and interactive maps provide a transparent look at how Penn’s policies compare with those of other Ivy League schools, how aid packages differ for students from across the country and around the world and how work study functions, to name a few.


Using data from Penn Course Review, a platform with class and professor reviews (2009-2015), The Daily Pennsylvanian Online Graphics Department created static graphics for this in-depth online project. These graphics, along with the stories, provide an evaluation of course difficulty, instructor quality, and departments.



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